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Useful Papers and the Excel Programs for  geoscientists  

Success for a 

clean environment 

potable water 

The information contained herein is based on years of experience in effectively compiling, integrating, analyzing, and reporting hydrogeological and environmental data from different sources.

This site could be valuable to those that provide services related to physical and hydrochemical characteristics of groundwater resources. 



The need for groundwater data continues to grow as the provision of water increases with growing populations everywhere.  While hydrogeoscience professionals work on making effective use of existing natural resources, a systematically documented database becomes a necessity.  Such a adatabase is particularly useful for immediate applications, such as: 


  • ​when drilling water wells

  • determining well water quantity and quality

  • assessment of environmental impact due to the various developmental activities

Other benefits include background information for the implementation of: 


  • drought relief programs

  • agricultural schemes

  • environmental change studies

  • climate change studies


Data can be useful if it can be interpreted properly and presented in a way that tells a story.  Different agencies may collect and systematically manage large amounts of data.  Since more and more data is being added on a daily basis, it becomes necessary to simultaneously undertake subsequent data analysis and reporting. This in turn helps to improve data management as well as the production of high quality information that can be used for various hydrogeological and environmental investigatory purposes.  


HGSG is well equipped to systematically assemble groundwater quality information with corresponding aquifer and well characteristics, and provide comprehensive analysis on the integrated data that helps in the protection of the environment and the best  management of the groundwater resources.

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